Sunday, February 27, 2011

Could You???

Mama Popok : Miss Dyna..could you please help me to add more kibbles on my plate?It almost finish..I'm still hungry

Miss Dyna : Mmm.. I don't think that I can help you coz i'm quit buzy right now

Mama Popok : Buzy??what are you doing??

Miss Dyna : Snapping your picture..heheheh :P

Mama Popok : Please Miss mom was not around :(

Miss Dyna : Aucchhh.. it's sound sad!But the answer is still NO!

Mama Popok : Isk :( .. Ok Ok ..i'll wait here

Miss Dyna : Till when??

Mama Popok : Till the plate full with kibbles

Miss Dyna : Ok..we'll see

5 minute later

Miss Dyna : Errr..Mama Popok?You still here?

Mama Popok : .....

Miss Dyna : Mama Popok..are you sleeping???With that pose??Mmm..small head and BIG stomach!You eat too much..please have some diet!

Mama Popok : ....

Miss Dyna : Ok..

*Miss Dyna add the kibbles until full..Mama Popok wake up and EAT!!!*


  1. sweet my darling....u make mama laugh with u action.....ahahahahaha

  2. hensem mukanya walaupun ianya mama popok..:)

  3. hahaahah....tgh selera makan tuh, bagi jelah ;)

  4. Cik Kelly : wahhh..dia gurl..

    MM : sis..dia ni memang jenis mkn berulang.pastu pantang dengar bunyi biskut dituang dalam bekas bangunla dia walaupun 4.00 Pagi!..pastu kalau dia nak mkn dia nak yg baru dituang..kitorg selalu tuang sebijik dua je..tak pun wat bunyi2 biskut dituang sb bekas tu sentiasa ada makanan..dia saja nak yg baru..


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